Witnesses to History

Mr. Natan Grossmann (born 1927 close to Łódź):

Natan grew up in a in shtetl as a son of a shoemaker. His family

was forced to move to the getto of Lodz/Litzmannstadt.

In the getto he survived as a forced laborer (as child).

His mother starved in the getto, the father died there, his brother

was deported to Kulmhof. Natan was deported to Auschwitz.

After the end of the war, he returned to Łódź, then soon after emigrated to Israel. 


Mr.  Armin Hornberger (born 1930, in Łódź). Polish and German roots

in and around Łódź. Towards the end of war Armin (as boy) ends up

in Germany escaping to be forced to the front lines of the war. Separated

from his Polish mother (his Geman father had died in the first days of the war),

he returns to his hometown Łódź. A few months later he is relocated to Germany.

Ms. Helena Bergson (*1921 in Łódź). One of the few Jewish witnesses

who can tell us about the times and atmosphere of in Łódź also

before the war. Forced to move to the getto, where Helena worked as a

nurse and survived the getto and its liquidation.


Mr. Waldemar Seiler (*1933 in Łódź). German family background

with a history of several generations in and around Łódź. Orphaned at the

beginning of the war. His wife was a child of a so-called mixed marriage

("Mischehe") with a German father and a Polish mother. She died early

2010. Mr. Seiler can tell us about the life in Łódź before, during and after the war.

© Marek Iwicki 

Mrs. Astrid Wojtaszek (*1937 in Łódź). German family background

- "Volksdeutsche" in the Łódź area. After the war expropriation of

the family. Through marriage disguising her German name and roots -

also disguising it to her own daughter for almost 40 years.

Mr. Jens-Jürgen Ventzki (*1944 in Lodz/Litzmannstadt).

Son of the "Reichsdeutsche“, major of Litzmannstadt, Werner Ventzki

(1941 - 44), installed by the Nazi government. After the war,

Ventzki was never brought to trial for his position and

deeds in the Federal Republic of Germany.