Waldemar Seiler

*Waldemar Seiler (*1933 in Łódź).

German family background with a history of several generations in and around Łódź. Orphaned at the beginning of the war. His wife was a child of a so-called mixed marriage ("Mischehe") with a German father and a Polish mother. Eugenia died early 2010.

Waldemar Seiler, in front of the house where he was born in 1933. This western district of Łódź was predominantely German and Polish before the war - characterized by middleclass people, many of them craftsmen.


*Film excerpts of the meeting (ca. 6 min/part 1) with students and lecturers (in Polish language,  with German subtitles). Part 2 to be published soon.

Waldemar Seiler from Tanja Cummings on Vimeo.

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Team - DOP: Marek Iwicki. Second camera: Roman Blauth. Moderation: Dr. Krystyna Radziszewska/Tanja Cummings. Transcription/translation/subtitling: Juliana Olesiewicz, Tanja Cummings/Ewa Psuty/Jolanta Sobonska.

  GERMAN version


  POLISH version



*Images of the meeting session and excursions in Lodz

Waldemar Seiler at the university of Łódź


Excursion in Łódź.

Waldemar with his wife Eugenie.


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