Armin Hornberger

Project Results

*Armin Hornberger (*1930, Łódź).

With Polish and German roots in and around Łódź. Towards the end

of the war Armin (as a boy) ends up in Germany escaping to be forced

to the front lines of the battle. Separated from his Polish mother

(his Geman father had died in the first days of the war), he returns

to his hometown Łódź. A few months later Armin is relocated to Germany.

Armin Hornberger in front of the area where the place of his birth once

stood and where the large plant, crop and fruit nursery of his Polish

grandfather was situated.



*Film Excepts/Part 1 (approx. 17 min) of meeting with students,

teachers at university of Lodz, May 2011 (German and Polish subtitles)

Team -Camera: Marek Iwicki. Interpreter: Julia Olesiewicz.

Second camera: Roman Blauth. Moderation of meeting seminar:

Dr. Krystyna Radziszewska + Tanja Cummings, Transcription

and translation: Patrycja Wasilewska/Tanja Cummings

Armin Hornberger from Tanja Cummings on Vimeo.

In case you may have trouble viewing the video here we advice you

to visit the original link on Vimeo:


*A transcription of the meeting session with students,

lectureres and other witnesses and guests.

GERMAN version


*Images of the meeting session and excursions in Lodz

Excursion in town, Armin Hornberger together with Natan Grossmann and students


At the seminar of the university of Lodz - meeting students




Armin Hornberger at the former German Lodz "Gymnasium" (seconday school) 

Excursion in the district which used to be the Jewish getto


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